Most Self Employed Canadians Will Not Be Deducting All Of The

Home Office Expenses They Are Entitled To For 2012

There is an Easy and Very Affordable Solution to Save Hundreds, Possibly Thousands of Dollars in Taxes

Increasing and validating your home office expense claim for 2012 and every year thereafter has never been easier.

The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector is a treasure trove of combined software and training that is designed to significantly increase your tax deductions for business-use-of-home expenses based on your situation.  Access video training, a membership site dedicated to tax savings, bonus reports, extensive scenario based tips, comments and insights that are all geared to maximize your home office expenses in the quickest and most diligent manner. For the self-employed, this expenditure is tax deductible.

A Step by Step process guides you through your own circumstances to collect data for input into a sophisticated calculator to provide a documented outcome ready for use on your 2012 personal tax return.

Use With Other Tax Software
The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector is not meant to replace existing tax return preparation software or professional advice - but is rather a companion that provides what has, until now, been missing. Your high expectations for low risk and high reward regarding such an important deduction allowed by CRA will be met.

Seasoned tax professionals have gathered a wealth of data from many different sources especially to provide best practices to maximize your tax savings. Based on practical experience, Canada  Revenue Agency guidelines and audit policies, tax legislation and tax court case outcomes, this experience will place you in the same position as those that are the most successful with their office expense claims.

The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector software and training is very affordable and comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee. See the membership site for full details.

Find Out How to Maximize Your Business- Use-of-Home
Tax Deductions.

You Will Receive a Valuable Free Report and See a Demo of the Software in Action.

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The free report titled  “Twelve Ways The Canada Revenue Agency May Have An Advantage Over You - And What To Do About It." is need to know information for every taxpayer in Canada. It's not a slam of CRA but information about how CRA operates that you need to be aware of especially during communicating with CRA. This report also includes three more quick reads of need to know information about The Canada Revenue Agency.  They are, “Tax Land Mines for the Unwary”, “Common Misconceptions That Can be Devastating When Dealing with CRA” and “The 80/20 Rule Applied to the Canadian Income Tax & GST/HST Environment”.

Personal Comment by Developer:

Tax specialists do not make claims they cannot justify or confidently defend. Tax professionals, who thrive on the complexities of a tax practice four decades old, are the creators of The Home Office Tax Deduction Detector. We tell it like it is and what it should be. Finally, an organized and welcomed easy to use Step by Step process, automatic calculator, and reporting tool has arrived to help the courageous and determined self-employed entrepreneurs working from their homes. Good fortune. K.R. Lagasse